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Negligent owners, landlords and building managers often delay, or avoid making much needed repairs to correct unsafe living conditions. For residents of New York City this is hardly a surprise. Common building defects that lead to serious accidents include uneven and defective elevators, broken surfaces, cracked sidewalks, slippery surfaces, broken door locks, broken steps, falling objects, improper signage, uneven floors and pavements, broken surfaces and sidewalks, slippery surfaces, improper signage, to name just some. Premises liability is a legal terms that also applies to situations where a person is injured, or killed, in a business or public property such as a hotel, shopping center and office building. Business owners, landlords, private property owners and managers, even government owners of everything from residential buildings to park lands and public pools have a duty to provide a safe and secure environment for residents and guests. When they neglect their responsibilities people get hurt, and killed. And when this happens victims have a right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. To pay medical bills, make rent or mortgage payments. Cover for lost wages. If you are hurt on your, or someone else’s property, and it’s due to someone else’s negligence, filing a premises liability claim should be handled in a timely manner to preserve and protect vital evidence for use in a case.

In premises liability cases timing is critical in instances where statutes of limitations apply that limit the time you have to file a claim after an injury has occurred. The best thing for you to do in these situations is to speak with an experienced.

Claire Salant, 83, Old Bethpage, New York Fell and broker her hip

“It is so easy for people to take advantage of the elderly.  When I got hurt badly one cold rainy night on the way home from my Temple, I needed the help of a lawyer I could trust.  Someone who wouldn’t pressure me into doing anything I didn’t want to do,  just to make some money..." My premises liability case was much shorter than I thought it would be.  The judge ruled in my favor.
I was very, very satisfied with the outcome...Knowing I have a little money in the bank is such a great comfort."

New York premises liability lawyer. At Gurfein Douglas, you can rely on the scientific training of our two partners to uncover the often hidden technical details of your case that the untrained eye might miss. With degrees in engineering and biology hanging on walls right alongside their law diplomas, Richard Gurfein and Preston Douglas are your Lawyers With An Edge when fighting (Rich: list adversaries by priority). At Gurfein Douglas, our New York premises liability lawyers are prepared to handle any challenge, no matter how complicated, and any adversary, no matter how tough they think they are, to get you the justice, and the compensation, you deserve.

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